Learn How To Build Brands for Businesses and Products

Expand your Knowledge and your horizons with a specially curated programme of online courses and workshops offered by the Brand Design Academy.

What We Have To Offer

Content based on years of experience in helping hundreds of well-known brands scale their businesses and products. 

 The purposefully curated content has been built by a team of experts from Scientity Design Innovations with an experience of creating hundreds of pitch decks, videos, websites, logos and brand collaterals for Fortune 500 Companies, Startups, Influencers, Entrepreneurs and Businesses. Pitch decks designed by Scientity’s team have helped brands and businesses raise over $100 million in funding and sell top of the class products.

About Brand Design Academy

While branding is crucial, the process is often times misunderstood. It’s our endeavor to demystify brand design and share the knowledge with those willing to pursue it. Brand Design Academy hopes to unleash the concepts and break down the brand development process step-by-step. With this mission, Brand Design Academy brings together professionals and experts from branding, designing and brand design industries to share this knowledge with you. 

Based on the knowledge and skills you gain from our courses, you will be able to learn how to do the research and analysis, develop core brand values and purpose, how to understand your audience and how to develop the visual vocabulary to communicate your message. In the end you’ll be able to provide a trusted expertise, as well as an amazing design for your clients and their brand.

Why Brand Design Academy Courses

Join our Community of like-minded designers, writers, thinkers & tutors
Find inspiration and support from like minded learners. Irrespective of whether you are new to the field or a seasoned professional.

Learn at your own pace. Build the skill set you want
You control the pace of the course, whether you are a fresher or experienced professional.

Unlock a new skill set daily
Our online courses are flexible and enabled with a daily learning that help you learn just the right amount for thorough knowledge.

Learn brand design processes, skills and Idea generation
Our approach to learning and sharing is cognitive. We believe you learn by doing and that’s how the courses have been designed.

Introducing ‘BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN THERE IS A PITCH’ An Exclusive Online Course

An online course that acts as a master guide for creating the 'Perfect Pitch' 

Build an ability to communicate your value and uniqueness through your spoken word with power and clarity.

COMING SOON: Our Other Premium Courses

Learn Sketching in 5 Days
Design, Draw, Sketch. This course will get you started on Sketching in no time.

Coming Soon

Entrepreneurship Essentials 101
Learn the framework for building & financing new ventures & speak the start-up language.

Coming Soon

Learn UI/UX Design - An Online Course
Learn how to confidently create design beautiful user interfaces for any app or site.

Coming Soon

Brand Design Academy Workshops

If you’re looking for a way to make your way into your own design or marketing communications firm, work with higher level clients, and be more valued for your work, you’ll want to join us at our next Brand Design Academy Workshop.